That Was A Sue-table Reaction

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(I have a limp; four years ago I cut my leg open with a framing blade while working, right down to the bone. A year ago: I am paying my Internet bill online when there is a hiccup. The paid page does not display, but it says it’s safe to reload. Basically, it says, “Oops! We had a problem. Reload and try to pay again,” so I do so, and attempt to pay again. I write the charge down in my notebook, determine my balance, and go grocery shopping at a few places. It turns out the first charge DID go through, even though the website explicitly said it did not. I end up paying my bill twice, leaving me with around $20 in my account before going out to food shop. I end up getting hit with FIVE separate overdraw penalties the next day, totaling $100 plus the actual food purchased. My bank tells me they can contest two overdraws yearly, and the other three will need the Internet company to admit the mistake before they can contest the fees. So, I call the big company:)

Day #1:

(I call, and a person picks up. I explain what happened.)

Employee #1: “I see the two charges, but it will take up to a week to clear before I can refund you. It’s just a precaution in case the bank issues a chargeback in the meantime, or you would be in trouble for theft over a mistake.”

Day #8:

(I call, explain it all again, and the employee admits the notes are on my record.)

Employee #2: “I see the charges. Whoever told you a week should have told you up to two weeks. Give it another week.”

Day #15:

(I call AGAIN. I’m starting to panic; the month is halfway through, and my account is still overdrawn. A person picks up.)

Employee #3: “Oh, well. We are seeing only one charge here. We never got the second payment.”

Me: “Excuse me? Two people told me they saw two charges, and I’m looking at my online statement. You guys double-dipped. The money was withdrawn on the third.”

Employee #3: “Well, I only see one charge on our end. But if you take your bank statement into a local branch as proof, they can fix it.”

(I limp up to my bank — I don’t own a car — for a printout, and they happily highlight the two charges. I then limp two miles, one way, to the local office in 90-degree temperatures. THE LADY REFUSES TO LOOK AT THE STATEMENT. She pulls up my account, and keeps stating:)

Branch Employee: “I only see one charge.”

(Then, she looks away when I hold up my statement. She also REFUSES to turn the monitor towards me to show ME proof, and even turns her back to me when I slam my statement down on the counter after the seventh repetition of:)

Branch Employee: “We only have one charge. It does not matter what your statement says, or what they told you on the phone.”

(I am admittedly VERY angry that someone, somewhere, has lied, maybe more than once. So, I limp the two miles home, grab my phone, and call them again.)

Employee #4: *goes into normal greeting spiel*

Me: “I am sorry to rudely interrupt, but you cannot help me. I am very angry, and I want to talk with a supervisor as of right now, if not five minutes ago.”

Employee #4: “I am sorry you are upset, and I am motioning for a supervisor. Are you sure I cannot help?”

Me: “I have been through this for the last two and a half weeks, and I will only repeat myself once more, to a Super. I am sorry if I am giving you attitude, but I am livid.”

(A supervisor picks up:)

Supervisor: “I see the records here that you have contacted us three times and—”

Me: *in a cold, low voice, as I do not yell at people when really angry* “Yes, and the first two times, I was told, and I quote, ‘I see the two charges.’ The third time, I was told, ‘I don’t see a second charge,’ and, ‘Go to a local office to fix it.’ I. Have. A. Limp. I walked two miles, one way, in 90-plus-degree weather, only for the lady in the office to flat out refuse to help me, refuse to say anything except, ‘We only see one charge,’ and refuse to look at my bank statement. Now, I am back home, in pain, and you are bearing the brunt of my wrath when you had nothing to do with this. I suggest you figure out just who lied to me, because you dealing with me is their fault. Now, I am saying this once, and once only: It’s Tuesday. If the second charge is not in my bank account by Friday, I will get a lawyer and go to court over the mental stress this has caused me worrying about next month’s rent and groceries due to overdraft fees I can’t dispute without your input, plus the physical stress over walking four miles with a bad leg on what may have been a g**d*** lie. Okay?”

Supervisor: *clearly floored* “I… well… I will see what I can do.”

Me: “Thank you. And for any record: the lady who took my call today, and you, were courteous.”

(I then hung up to have a VERY good scream. Come Thursday, my bank called me to let me know the second charge was back in my account, and all overdraw fees could be, and had been, returned, as well. I hate when people scream, “SUE!” but after over two weeks of BS, I was 100% ready to do just that.)

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