That Thief Didn’t Exactly Nail It

, , , , , | Working | April 22, 2020

I love to bike, so I decide to be a bike deliverer, delivering sandwiches in a busy city. I buy a lock for my bike and get started. It goes okay.

However, the sun goes down, and it’s very hard to read the building numbers because, for some reason, they are not lit. Also, I’m too poor to afford a GPS, so I only have a paper map. I’m circling around, trying to find an address in this dark, sprawling mess of a city, and I finally find it.

Luckily, the sandwiches are supposed to be served cold!

I lock my bike and go up the elevator. On the way, I text my boss, asking to work only in the daytime. He says no way.

I deliver the sandwiches late. Luckily, the guy is on the phone with a client of his, so he doesn’t cuss me out. I leave, and when I go back to my bike, the lock won’t open! I take a closer look and see dents on it. It’s brand new, so I realize that someone must’ve been trying to steal it, bashing the lock with a hammer or something.

Spooked at the idea of a hammer-wielding thief lurking around in this dark, high-crime city, I consider leaving and returning when it’s daylight, but I decide to pull on the lock as hard as I can. After a few tries, it finally opens by some miracle. I slowly pedal back to a very irate boss who accuses me of slacking off. I tell him what happened and that I can’t work unless it’s daytime, since it’s too dangerous.

He agrees that I can’t and I lose my job. To the crazy hammer bike thief, I hope you slam your thumb for busting my lock!

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