That Still Wouldn’t Apply In The USA!

, , , , | Right | September 28, 2020

About ten minutes before closing, a youngish guy walks into the store, grabs some items, and comes to me to pay. It is 2013.

Customer: “Can I get a discount?”

Me: “Do you have a student card, sir?”

Customer: “No, I want an employee discount.”

Me: “Do you work here, sir?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Then I can’t give you the employee discount.”

Customer: “What if I said the owner was my wife?”

Me: “Unless the owner has had a complete sex change in the last two hours, the owner is not your wife.”

Customer: “What if I was Barack Obama’s brother?”

Me: “Sir, I’m pretty sure that Obama’s siblings would be people of colour. You are white.”

Customer: “You didn’t let me finish. I’m his brother-in-law.”

Me: *Raises eyebrow* “My previous answer still stands, sir.”

Customer: “Well, you should give it to me anyway. I’m important to the president.”

Me: “Good for you, sir. £8.40, please.”

Customer: “Why don’t you care more that I’m important to the president?”

Me: “Because he has no power over me or the store.”

Customer: “He is the president!”

Me: “So?”

Customer: “He is in control of everything.”

Me: “Only in the USA, sir.”

The customer gives me a blank look.

Me: “You are in England, sir. In the UK, not the USA.”

Customer: “Oh… okay, then.”

He gives me £10.

Customer: “Keep the change.”

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