That Sort Of Behavior Is Just Not Cricket

| Friendly | May 3, 2017

(I’m an English guy travelling around Canada. At one point I reach Vancouver and decide to stay there for a couple of weeks. During my stay, I come across some Aussie travellers who I run into regularly and have a drink with. One night I run into them at the hostel bar and they invite me to join them. With them is another friend I haven’t met before. From the moment I meet him it appears he has an issue with me being there. During the night, he keeps shooting rude and obnoxious comments at me and seems intent on picking a fight. I’ve spent time in Australia previously so I’m used to their sense of humour and having a bit of banter, but this guy seems to hate me being here. At one point, I’m talking to one of the guys and he interrupts me in the middle of talking.)

Rude Guy: “You Poms f****** suck at cricket.”

(He has a really nasty and arrogant smirk on his face as if he expects me to get upset about it.)

Me: “I don’t follow cricket; sorry, mate!”

Rude Guy: “You’re also s*** at rugby; f****** smashed ya last time we played ya!”

Me: “Sorry, dude, don’t follow rugby either.”

Rude Guy: “Why? Ya f****** gay? Bloody poof!”

Friend #1: “Mate, shut it!”

Rude Guy: “Got a mate who’s Scottish. He f****** hates you c***s!”

(His words are delivered with a lot of venom; I’m really confused how I upset him.)

Me: “Err… I’m sorry about that?”

(The guy is clearly sizing up for another insult, but one of his friends grabs his shoulder — he looks really annoyed about his behaviour.)

Friend #2: “He said SHUT UP! Now have a beer and relax!”

(For the rest of the the night, the rude guy proceeds to get louder and drunker, even getting into arguments with several people over the continued offensive comments he keeps making. He is at the point of getting thrown out and he is acting really threateningly towards others.)

Rude Guy: “OI! POOF!”

(He then proceeds to throw the lime from his glass at me really hard. It hits me between the eyes! While it doesn’t hurt me, it just seems childish and immature.)

Rude Guy: “NOW F******* EAT IT!”

Me: “Seriously?”


(With that, his friends stand up and grab him.)

Friend #1: “Right! You f*** off! Get out!”

Rude Guy: “You what?”

Friend #2: “Look bro, we just wanted to have a nice few beers with our new friend here and what do you do? Once again you act like a c***! Seriously, get lost; I’m fed up of this!”

Rude Guy: “But he was the one who started it!”

Friend #3: “Like f*** he did! Once again you decide to start a fight with someone for no bloody reason; now get outta here before WE take you outside!”

(The guy just stands there; he looks like he is tempted to take him up on the offer!)

Friend #1: “Go on, GET OUT!”

(Rude guy stormed out the bar; thankfully the rest of the night was uneventful and the guys and I had a good time. When I ran into them a couple days later, they told me their friend had packed up and left to go travelling elsewhere. Apparently, they were glad to be rid of him, because his behaviour had caused them trouble throughout their travels.)

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