That Solution Holds No Quarter With Me

, , , , , | Working | December 14, 2019

(I stop by a popular fast food chain to buy a soft drink before walking home. I pay with cash and know that my change should be exactly one dollar. The employee, apparently in his late teens or early twenties and obviously newly hired, looks down at the open register drawer in front of him. It contains several fives, tens, and twenties and a slew of change, but no singles. He looks up at me, then back at the drawer, and then back at me again before offering the following gem.)

Employee: “I’ll owe you a dollar.”

Me: *after a slight pause* “I’ll take four quarters.”

(With his supervisor standing just a few feet behind him, the employee promptly scooped four quarters out of the drawer and dropped them into my waiting hand without another word.)

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