That Snow Way To Behave At The Doctors

, , , | Right | November 19, 2020

I work in a very small office; just the doctor and me. Most of the time, I get to work about twenty minutes before we open, and my most frequent issue is people showing up way too early and then trying to follow me inside.

This morning, a patient is banging on the door incessantly for several minutes; I start timing her about a minute in.

I’m doing my best to ignore this woman. We are not the type of office to come to for a medical emergency. It’s still about ten minutes until open and I’m finishing up my pre-work tasks.

The patient continues to bang loudly on the door. I finally lose my patience and go up to the door, unlock it, and crack it open so I can speak with the woman, who has her grown son with her. They immediately try to push me aside to come in.

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but we don’t open up for another ten minutes, and there are some things I still need to finish before I can let you in. Besides, the doctor is not here yet.”

Apparently, this was the wrong thing to say, because she is instantly furious.

Patient: “How dare you keep us waiting out here?! My son has a cast and we came early so he could walk over the icy sidewalk and take his time!”

This is the icy sidewalk that I have just finished shoveling and salting.

Patient: “You should have let us in immediately because he has an appointment right now!”

Me: “Ma’am, the appointment is in about ten minutes, and as I said, the doctor is not here. Also, the closed sign is up and my lights are off, indicating that we are closed. I will let you in this time because it is cold out, but please remember in the future that the doors will not be unlocked until a few minutes prior to our listed opening times.”

Patient: “I cannot believe this! You are horrible at this job!”

The patient’s son steps in and starts to tell me how rude I am being to his mother. I’ve had enough at this point, so I put my sign-in sheet on the counter and ask the son to sign in. He’s still berating me. I finally get them back to a room, while they’re still b****ing at me, and then I send the doctor a heads-up text, explaining what happened.

When the doctor gets to the office, he heads straight into the exam room, where the patient and her son start telling him that I screamed at them and physically threw a clipboard at the mom’s head. I’m listening to this crap and just fuming at my desk.

The doctor, of course, took my side, although he still worked with the patient that day. We thankfully have not seen this power couple since, although another (perfectly nice) family member continued to come in until they moved away.

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