That Ship Has Sailed

, , , , | Right | January 13, 2021

We are taking a vacation on the Snake and Columbia Rivers following the path of Lewis and Clark. Our transport is a lovely sterns-wheeler and we are tied up for the day near a local museum. The museum has several vessels that museum visitors can board and tour.

Our boat isn’t one of them, and there are large signs to announce that only passengers and crew who can produce ID are allowed aboard. There are also security people from the ship checking ID.

Still, I am accosted by a museum visitor who doesn’t understand why I can go aboard and he can’t.  

Visitor: “I have my receipt from the museum. Why can’t I go aboard?”

Me: “I know the boat is very attractive and it’s pretty inside, but it’s not part of the museum. We’ll be leaving later this afternoon.”

Visitor: “That’s why I want to tour that boat now! Why can’t I do it?”

Me: “Talk to the security people, sir. Maybe they can convince you that we’re not part of the museum.”

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