That Seventies Plan

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(My junior high school AP history teacher is explaining his test policies to us in the first class of the year.)

Teacher: “In this class, I honor the seventy-percent rule for tests. If seventy percent of the class gets a question wrong on a test, I have clearly not taught that concept well enough and everyone gets that point for free. If you get one of these questions right, you get an extra credit point for it. Any questions?”

(We all glance at each other until one girl raises her hand.)

Girl: “So… If we all get a question wrong. Like, really wrong. On purpose. We all get the point, anyway?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Girl: “And… If we did a whole test like that?”

Teacher: “There’s one every year! And I’ll tell you what I’ve told all my other classes. You’re AP kids, so you care about your grades. If seventy percent of you decide to throw one of my tests, and stick to it, then I will give you all full credit just for being ballsy!”

(Sadly, we were never able to get enough of the class to agree that we could try this. I wish now we had… I have a feeling he would have kept his word!)

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