That Scam Died

, , , , | Right | January 25, 2019

(My dad owned an independent gas station. When he passed away, I ended up taking it over and running it. In comes a man that anyone in retail can identify as a troublemaker. He comes up to my register.)

Customer: “Hey, I’m a good friend of [Dad], and he always gives me a discount on my gas.”

(All professional pleasantry drains from my face and I give him an ice-cold look.)

Me: “You’re a liar. Please leave.”

Customer: “How dare you call me a liar! You just lost your job, little lady!”

Me: “First of all, I own this gas station, so no, I won’t be losing my job. Second of all, [Dad] was my father. Third of all, my father died four years ago, and all of his friends attended his funeral. So, no, you are NOT his friend and you will NOT be getting a discount.”

(He flashed between red and white a few times, and then fled. I haven’t seen him since.)

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