That Same Old Yarn

, , , | Right | November 8, 2019

(A lady comes into the craft shop where I work with a knitting pattern for a baby blanket. The pattern is for an expensive yarn and she has asked me to find a different one. After some time, we find one she seems to like.)

Customer: “This one is nice; I like the colour.”

Me: “Excellent. This one is different from the original yarn so I’ll need to work out the amount you need.” *calculates yarn amount* “Right, so, you’ll need eight balls of this one, which I’ll need to order in for you; is that okay?”

Customer: “Yes, that’s fine.”

(The yarn is ordered and arrives, so we call the customer to let her know it’s ready. She comes to collect it and I show it to her to confirm it’s the right one. All goes well until we come to the paying bit.)

Me: “That’ll be £40, please.”

Customer: “How much is this per ball?”

Me: “It’s £5 per ball.”

(It’s a nice yarn so a little higher on the price scale but not terrible.)

Customer: “Oh, I don’t like this yarn; it’s not the one I wanted.”

Me: “It’s the one you picked out when you came in.”

Customer: “No, it’s not. It’s not the right one. I wanted one from over there.” *waves at the shelf this yarn comes from*

Me: *growling internally* “That’s the one we have here.”

Customer: “No, I wanted this one.” *picks up a much cheaper £2-a-ball yarn*

Me: “That’s not the one you chose; you picked out this one before.”

Customer: “Well, I wanted this one, but in the colour of the one you have there.”

Me: “I see. I don’t have that yarn in this colour, though.”

Customer: “Oh, well, I’ll have to think about it, then.”

(The customer walked out of the shop, leaving me with the specially-ordered bag of yarn and a need to hit something.)

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