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That Same Old Classic (Music) Routine

| Learning | May 8, 2017

(I am picking up my niece from school, as I do every other day that my brother-in-law is at work. The staff know me and trust me. I have a lot of tattoos and piercings. I have been waiting outside the school, chatting with the others there. When the kids are let out, my niece runs up to me and holds my hand as we head to my car. However, before we get there two police officers appear out of nowhere.)

Officer: “Excuse me, sir. We’re going to have to ask you to hold and answer a couple of questions.”

(At this time my niece’s grip disappears and I turn to see a woman I have never seen before carrying her back to school. My niece is squirming. I try to follow but the officers drag me to the ground and restrain me.)

Me: “What are you doing? That’s my niece!”

(The officers are ignoring me. I can hear the woman.)

Woman: “It’s all right, sweetie. That evil man isn’t taking you anywhere. Now, let’s go back to school and find your mummy.”

Niece: “What’s the password?”

(The woman stops dead looking bewildered by the question.)

Woman: “Sweetie?”


Me: “Mozart, Mozart!”

Niece: “Beethoven, Beethoven!”

Me: “Third or Fourth?”

Niece: “Fifth!”

(Everyone stares around confused before I explain what our game is for, and the officers let me up. I calmly walk up to the woman who clutches my niece tightly.)

Woman: “Get away, you brute!”

Me: “That is my niece, and you don’t have permission to touch her.”

(She didn’t let go until the officers came up to her. She then ran inside the school with all of us following. After speaking with the receptionist and my niece’s teacher (who both verified who I am), we learned that the woman was a new clerk who spotted me in the window and decided to phone the police instead of asking or checking their authorised guardians register, which has my photo in it. My niece and I simply laughed it off, but the school took it more seriously, seeing it as a major breach in security with how the clerk handled the situation, since my niece did not know her at all. She was never seen working there again, and we have all been assured that every new starter is given the correct training to ensure it never happens again. We were all given a designated area to wait in as well and now a teacher is always present when letting the kids go.)

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