That Price Is Fishy

, , , | Right | September 1, 2019

(The store where I work serves ready-made foods which have specific labels on them that no other products in the store have. Most of the foods are under $10. The seafood department has a relatively expensive pack of fish for $25, and the packaging is recognizable to anyone who has worked there for a while. I’m cashiering and a customer is buying this fish. I scan it, expecting the expensive price to come up. Instead, it rings up absurdly cheap. When I look at the barcode on the back of the packaging, I find that one of the food labels has been placed over the barcode. I peel it off and rescan it.)

Me: *to customer* “Sorry about that, sir; it looks like this was placed over the barcode. Your total is now $25.”

Customer: *mumbling while he shuffles away* “Never mind. I don’t want it.”

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