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That Plan Went Straight Into The Bin

, , , , | Legal | August 23, 2021

We have a big site visit soon, so unusually, I go around the yard and check everything is in order. I see a guy out of place looking around.

Me: “Can I help you?”

Man: “Err, yes, I’m here for the bins.”

Me: “Bins? What bins?”

Man: “The big metal ones.”

Me: “And what would you want with them?”

Man: “Well, I was told that I could.”

He begins muttering and walks away. I manage to get a photo of his car as he drives away. I let security know and they thank me. In fact, it gives them the cause to get and install that camera they’ve been meaning to.

A few weeks later:

Security: “I think your friend turned up again.”

Me: “Who?”

Security: “That guy you took a photo of.”

Me: “Oh, really? What did he want?”

Security: “He tried to break into the yard. Is this him?”

He shows me a close-up, high-resolution photo of the guy in the car.

Me: “Yeah, that’s him. How did you get such a great photo?” 

Security: “Oh, he drove into the new security camera. It nearly landed on his bonnet. He still tried breaking in after that, though.”

Me: “Not the smartest guy, then?”

The police caught him not long after. The best part was that he was the brother of one of the guys working there. They must have been working together. Unfortunately for both of them, the scrap bins were emptied for the visit, so he stole nothing. The would-be thief got jail time and his brother got the sack.

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