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That Much Smoking Must Have Affected Her Reality

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I am collecting a child’s seat that I bought on social media. I pay, and as soon as I get it inside the car, the stench of cigarettes hits me.

I put it in the boot so I won’t have to smell it. I go home and scrub the seat clean, soak it in disinfectant, and when it still smells, I clean it again. I really wonder what effect it had on a child’s health when a plastic item stinks so badly.

I set it out to dry, and then I notice a message from the woman.

Woman: “Can you return the item? A friend wants it now.”

Me: “Sorry, I paid for the item and have spent a lot of time cleaning it. I don’t want to return it.”

Woman: “How dare you? I cleaned it this morning. And you have to return it; I want my property back!”

I think about it some more. While it’s clean, a new one isn’t that much more expensive, so I make her an offer.

Me: “You can buy it from me, but I want my time, fuel, and cleaning costs compensated for.”

Woman: “How f****** dare you, you f****** scammer?! I should come round and take it myself!”

Me: “You don’t know where I live, so good luck with that.”

She did contact me again, pleading that her friend had no money, wanting me to drive across the city to drop it off to her friend. I didn’t validate that with a reply.

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