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That Mis-Steak Is Gonna Cost You

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I am waitstaff during the height of the Atkins diet craze. A woman comes in and asks:

Customer: “Which of your steaks has the least amount of carbs?”

Me: “None of them have any carbs.”

Customer: “Yes, I know that, but which one has the least carbs?”

Me: “None of them have any carbs, so all would equally have the least.”

This goes back and forth for long enough that my manager notices and intervenes.

Manager: “Actually, the [most expensive steak] has the least carbs.”

Customer: *To me* “Now was that so hard?”

They order said steak. Later, my manager tells me:

Manager: “In situations like this, just charge them the most while still satisfying their request. That’s called the idiot tax.”

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