That Might Come Up In The Exam

| Monterey, CA, USA | Learning | October 10, 2014

(I am in AP Spanish class and my teacher has a Spanish news website up on the projector.)

Teacher: “You should all practice by reading news articles in Spanish. These informational articles are the kind of thing that will be on the AP exam.”

(As he’s talking, I notice an article called ‘The Mystery of the Female Orgasm.’ I frantically try to point it out to my friend across the room while trying to stifle my giggling.)

Teacher: “Señorita [My Name]? What’s going on?”

Me: *in between giggles* “Nothing…”

(The entire class is now scanning the page, and when they see the article, they all burst out laughing. When the teacher sees it, he immediately scrolls down.)

Teacher: “There aren’t going to be any articles like THAT on the AP exam!”

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