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That Last Hour Of Work Sure Moves Slow

, , , , , | Working | October 19, 2022

One night after working late, I decided to stop by a fast food place that serves burgers. Being too lazy to go inside, I went through the drive-thru and ordered my food. Unfortunately, I waited until after leaving the window to check my food, at which point I realized there was no meat on my burger. I pulled over and went inside to get it corrected.

When I first entered, there was no one at the counter, so I waited until a woman finally appeared from the back. I was barely able to mumble out my concern before she started yelling at me.

Keep in mind that it was two hours before the whole restaurant closed and one hour before the inside closed. This was also pre-health crisis.

Me: “My burger has no meat on—”


Me: “I opened the door.”

Employee: “We’re closed! You need to leave right now.”

Me: “Your sign said you’re open. I just went through the drive-thru. I just want my burger fixed.”

Employee: “No! We’re closed and you need to leave.”

A manager appeared from the back and asked what was going on, so I started to tell her my problem. Before I could, however, the employee started again.

Employee: “We’re closed. She can’t be in here.”

Manager: *Sighing* “[Employee], we don’t close inside for another hour. Now, fix her food.”

The manager walked off, leaving the employee stuttering. She had my sandwich fixed and practically threw it at me.

At least my sandwich was correct.

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