That Kid Needs Potty Train-ing

| Friendly | May 11, 2017

(I am on the toilet while riding the train. The door is automated and broken. I didn’t know this at the time until young boy decided to play with the button on the outside. This ended up in me being shown, sitting on the toilet, while the door to half the carriage opened and closed. No one seems to notice at first until he does it a couple of times. An elderly woman looks amused but also embarrassed. She tries to get the mother’s attention, but she is on her phone. After the fourth or fifth time, I decide to just ask myself.)

Me: “Excuse me, but could you not do that? I’d like some privacy, thank you.”

(The boy gives me an evil grin and continues doing it. I want to get up, but that would risk exposing myself.)

Me: “Excuse me, miss. Could you please tell your son to stop?”

Mother: *huffs and staring at her phone* “Just leave him. He isn’t bothering anyone!”

Me: “He’s bothering me. I’m trying to use the toilet.”

(She finally looks and I see horror spread across her face as the door closes again. I think that might be the end of it, but door opens again. This time, though, I see the mother has opened it instead. She leans on the button while glaring at me, furious.)

Mother: “You pervert! You paedo! You sick f****r!”


Mother: “I’m having you arrested. You CHILD MOLESTER!”

(She continued to scream at me about another minute before storming off, without her son. The door finally closed for long enough for me to risk pulling my trousers up. I left and headed back to my seat. Most of the passengers seemed sympathetic, while others looked humoured (to say the least). When we got to the next station about an hour later, I saw several police officers who boarded the train. I started to panic and tried to think of a way to explain the whole situation, but I then saw the mother being escorted, kicking and screaming, across the platform. To this day I don’t know what happened, but I have made sure to never use train toilets since.)

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