That Joke Landed On Its Smelly Feet

, , , | Hopeless | October 5, 2016

(I am with my mum driving along, and we decide to pull up to a pop-up flower shop just along the side of the road. While waiting for my mum, I see an elderly man going back and forth from the flower stand to put flowers in his car. A lot of flowers. He has stuffed his car to the brim. On his way back to the flower stand he decides to knock on my window. I thought he might need help, so I opened the door to say hello. Bear in mind I am a constantly-bored 17-year-old and am not in the best of moods.)

Me: “Hi there, are you all right?”

Man: “Why do giraffes have long necks?”

Me: “I don’t know; why do they have long necks?”

Man: “Well, because they’ve got smelly feet!”

(And even though these were proper grandad jokes, they made me laugh out loud. He proceeded to tell me a few more that are equally ridiculous. He didn’t need to, but he decided that he wanted to cheer up a random teenager he didn’t know, and for that I’m grateful! Thank you, old man!)

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