That Item Has Been Fizzed Out

, , | Working | April 2, 2019

(The shop I work in was bought by another company about ten months ago.)

Customer: “Do you have any multi-packs of [Brand] fizzy water?”

Me: “Unfortunately, we’re no longer stocking that item, madam, as we’re now owned by [Different Company], and that was the previous store’s brand. We do have single bottles for 45p each, though.”

Customer: “No, thanks. I’ll come back next week. Will you have some then?”

Me: “No, madam, we’re not stocking that item anymore; we won’t be selling it again.”

Customer: “Okay, I’ll try next week, then.”

(The customer then leaves the shop before I can say anything else. I proceed to have the exact same conversation with this person for five weeks in a row! I’m on my break when I get called to the shop floor by my colleague.)

Colleague: “[My Name], this customer is looking for [Brand] fizzy water.”

Me: “We no longer sell that item.”

Customer: “Well, I’ve been in here several times and it’s always out of stock!”

Me: *annoyed now* “That’s because we do not sell it anymore. It will not be on the shelves again.”

Customer: “But I want to buy it.”

Me: “You cannot buy it here. I order all of our stock from the company catalogue; we do not stock that item, nor will we have a similar one in future.”

(The customer then grumbled and left. She came in yet again today. I promptly locked myself in the toilet cubicle and pretended to be stuck!)

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