That Is Snow Way To Behave

, , , , , | Right | June 9, 2020

I am eight and a half months pregnant. Due to a snowstorm last night, my employees are running behind, so I am opening the shop myself. The client is still about a half-hour early.

Me: “Good morning, Mr. [Customer]. How are you?”

Customer: “I would be better if I didn’t have to walk through all this snow.” 

Me: “I know that was quite a storm—”

He cuts me off.

Customer: “You know, you really need to be out there shoveling this mess! You have women and the elderly coming in and they shouldn’t have to walk through all of that.”

Me: “I understand and apologize. My staff are on their way, and because of the roads, they are running late. Also, I have doctor’s orders not to lift or do shoveling.”

Customer: “Still, you need to go out there and clear that; someone could get hurt and you’ll get sued.”

He hands me the leash and says the usual and leaves. An hour later, he comes to retrieve his dog. As he pays:

Customer: “You know, as the business owner, I really shouldn’t tip you, but here’s $5 anyway.”

Me: “Thank you, I do appreciate it, though tipping is not required.”

The customer grunted and walked out the door.

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