That Is Not Our Discount Policy

, , , , , | Right | December 8, 2020

A customer signals me that she’s interested in seeing some jewelry at the jewelry counter. I grab the keys and go over there to meet her. I ask her how she is and she immediately starts complaining to me about an employee.

Customer: “I saw an employee outside smoking at the end of the building in their car. I was about to call and report him but I figured he was a manager.”

Me: “Yeah, he’s the store manager, but I’m curious why you would want to report him?”

Customer: “I just feel like you shouldn’t be able to smoke while you are at work, like you shouldn’t drink while you work.”

Me: “Those are two completely opposite things. Drinking on the job is unacceptable due to the impairment it could cause and, you know, legal reasons. But smoking on their legal break isn’t against any policies, especially if they are in their car.”

Customer: “If he is the store manager, would he be able to give me a discount because I witnessed him doing something against policy?”

Me: “It’s not against policy to do whatever you please on your legal break. So no. I’ve worked here for almost ten years and that’s never gonna happen.”

Customer: “Well, I have a funeral to go to tomorrow at 11:00 am and was just trying to get something cheaper.”

Me: “Well, um, sorry about that, but it’s not gonna happen today.”

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