That Had Better Have Been A Great Cookie

, , , , , | Working | April 7, 2020

After visiting a friend in London, I’m heading back to Holland. Between the few and cheapest options, I end up with a flight departing at 7:00 am. So, I wake up at 4:00, get a cab to the airport to be two hours early at 5:00.

Everything is going according to plan… until about 6:30, when I hear that the flight will be delayed for about thirty minutes. That’s annoying, but these things happen.

At 7:15 there is an announcement that maintenance is taking longer. Please stand by.

At 7:45, the fuel filter needs to be replaced; this will take about an hour.

At 9:00, the fuel filter that arrived was the wrong type; they are searching for the right type.

At 9:45, the right filter has been found. Also, because of the long wait, I get a coupon that buys me a cup of tea and a cookie. Wow.

At 10:30, the filter has been replaced; now they need to check whether it works.

You get the pattern. In the end, instead of landing just before lunch, I end up landing just before dinner.

As I walk into the terminal, the first thing I see is a poster for the airline I’ve used with their slogan: “Why are you still here?” Ironic and infuriating.

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