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That Galahad Is One Fine Lad

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Waifer2016 | February 21, 2023

This took place the summer after an accident. I was still stuck in my wheelchair and had been invited to attend a graduation ceremony for a family member’s college grad.

The college was about ninety minutes from us, so our family loaded my chair and me and some pain meds into the van, and we all set off for our adventure. The relative graduating was excited that I was coming and met with the managers of the venue to arrange for me to go through the back door — no stairs. They even moved aside some chairs to make room for my wheels. It was great! We made sure to get there early to make sure we didn’t bother busy staff, so we had prime seats to watch the auditorium fill up, and then fill more, until it was standing room only. I was glad I came with my own seat!

Well, I was… until I had to pee! I managed to wait until after the processional, but by then, I was fair to bursting! I told my family I’d be right back, insisted they stay to watch, and started off to find the loo.

I was able to get almost to the doors but then found myself surrounded by a wall of humanity so engrossed in the ceremonies that they didn’t hear the chick in the chair saying, “Excuse me,” over and over, except for one man: my knight in blue flannel! It was clear he was there to see someone graduate, but he stepped forward and offered his help.

Me: *Turning red* “I’m trying to get to the loo.”

Sir Galahad: “No problem!”

He got me through the crowd and into the hall to the loo where we were confronted by a crazy doorway with a zigzag hallway —  very much not chair-friendly.

Sir Galahad: “No worries!”

He leaned through the door and hollered:


I was cracking up laughing as he pushed me past the crazy entry and stopped with a flourish and a bow.

Sir Galahad: “Now, you do your thing, yell out when you are ready, and I’ll come get you.”

He waited in the hall, took me back through the crowd to my spot, and bowed with another smile, waving off my profuse thanks.

He didn’t work for the venue or the college, but he was so kind and so helpful and saved me some major embarrassment!

So, Sir Galahad, if you read this, thank you again!

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