That Five Bucks Is Priceless

, | Right | February 18, 2017

(I work in a very small grocery store. We have regulars, and many people from the reserve just out of town come shopping there too. They’re usually fairly quiet and keep to themselves. Today a cheery older man from the reserve came in to buy some snacks and something quick for dinner. He’s always like that, probably the most talkative customer from the reserve. He’s always got something to talk about and he’s very nice. Behind me, my coworker is ringing through a very young boy and his dad. I finish bagging the older man’s groceries, and this happens…)

Older Man: *paying in cash* “Here you go!” *accidentally drops $5 on the floor*

Boy: *picks it up and goes to hand it to him*

Older Man: *smiling* “No, finders keepers, right? It’s yours.”

Boy: “Really?”

(At this point the boy looks shocked and excited.)

Older Man: “Yes, sir!”

Boy: *runs to his dad* “Daddy! Daddy! Look!” *showing the $5 to his dad*

Boy’s Dad: *looks at the older man and smiles* Wow! $5! What are you gonna buy with that?”

Older Man: *nods at boy’s dad, grabs his groceries, and leaves, smiling the whole time*

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