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I am a frequent shopper at a well-known video game store where I actually used to work. One day I received an email that they were having a sale on vinyl figures, something I collect. I had some extra income, so I decided to order some included in the sale.

I placed the order and noticed it would be sent in two shipments. That was perfectly fine, I thought, so I went about my life, frequently checking the tracking page. One package, the one containing fewer of my figures, shipped and even arrived in less than two weeks.

After those two weeks, I noticed the larger of the two hadn’t even been shipped yet, so I decided to call customer service.

I was optimistic. It was not near the holidays so I shouldn’t be on hold long, I thought naively, and even listened with interest to the advertisements for new games they played while I was holding.

Well, forty-five minutes later, that optimism had worn off and I was officially annoyed. When someone finally answered the phone, I was not happy. I was polite, of course, but the representative just wasn’t getting it.

I described to him my exact problem: that I had the order literally in front of me at that exact moment with the entire list of the contents and the tracking information and it said it hadn’t even been sent.

After some fiddling around and putting me on hold two more times, the rep told me there was a mistake with the shipping and he would have my package resent.

Hallelujah, right?


He read me the exact list of the figures that would be in the package. I had specifically ordered two figures that were from the same franchise. He listed one of the figures, but not the figure of the main character that should have been with the package. For the record, all this information was on the list of products I had in front of me, and, I assumed, he had in front of him.

So. I corrected him, listing the full list including all of the vinyls I had ordered.

He agreed, and then listed them again, minus the same character.

Finally, exhausted, after nearly two hours of talking probably more than I had in the entire rest of the day combined, I just agreed with him and had him send the shipment.

I wrote off the figure as one of the free ones I would have gotten and tried not to be too upset, but now I have the side character vinyl and not the main character and a decayed view of customer service for this company. 

If I buy from them now, it’s from their brick-and-mortar store nearest me because at least those employees act like they appreciate and listen to me.

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