That Fifty Cents Will Come In Handy

, , , , , | Working | June 12, 2020

(I just bought some drinks and food at the concession and paid using debit. The cashier is clearly new; if it isn’t his first day, then certainly his first week.)

Cashier: “I’m sorry, I forgot your coupon, but I have to give you the difference in cash as we cannot refund the money to your card.”

Me: “That’s fine.”

(The coupon was for 50 cents off and the cashier starts to count out the money. I’m staring at my hand, holding the money.)

Me: “That’s not right.”

Cashier: “But we cannot refund to your card.”

Me: “I know and I accept that, but it doesn’t make this right.”

(We go over it a few times and I think the mistake is obvious but no. A manager gets involved.)

Manager: “Ma’am, we cannot return the money to your debit; we have to give you cash.”

Me: *sighs* “I know and I am fine with the cash return, but would you please check my hand?”

(The manager did so and he looked startled. He took — more like grabbed — all the cash except for the 50 cents back. The young cashier had me refunded all of my ticket, except for the 50 cents, and we went to see our movie without so much as a thank-you.)

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