That Doesn’t Fly With Her

| Friendly | February 5, 2016

(I am 15. My friend has invited me up to Canada for a week to visit. I’m surprisingly well-traveled for my age. We board, and I take my seat. A few minutes later, a woman who appears to be my seatmate, approaches. She’s one of the last few on the plane.)

Me: *smiling* “Hello!”

Woman: *frowns* “Sweetie, where are your parents?”

Me: “What?”

Woman: “Your parents! I bet they left you back here so they could sit in first class, huh!”

Me: “No, actually—”

Woman: “This is unacceptable! How could any parent be so irresponsible as to leave a child in economy alone!”

Me: “Ma’am, wait, no—”

Woman: “Unacceptable!” *presses the button for a flight attendant*

(A flight attendant appears almost immediately.)

Flight Attendant: “Do you need assistance lifting your bag into the overhead locker, ma’am?”

Woman: “No! This little girl’s parents have left her alone in economy so they could sit in first class, and she’s obviously never flown before!”

Flight Attendant: *to me* “Is that true, honey?”

Me: *groans* “Look, I know I look young, but I assure you my parents haven’t ‘left me.’ I’m flying alone.”

Woman: *gasps* “You’re flying alone on your first plane trip?!”

Me: “NO! Lady, would you just listen to me! I am 15 years old, and I’ve probably traveled more than you! Yes, I’m flying alone, but I’ve done this many times.”

Woman: “Don’t lie, dear. You’ve never been outside of the states before.”

Me: *fed up with her, digs out passport* “Look at this. Here are six entry stamps to the UAE, three different Vietnam tourist visas, a stamp from Cambodia, South Africa, Greece, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Germany, and lady, I could go on! This is my second passport! Do you believe me now?!”

(The guy in the seat behind me claps.)

Woman: “Well, I never!” *sits down in a huff*

Flight Attendant: *to me* “If she bothers you any more, just let me know and I’ll handle it.”

Me: “Thank you!”

(The woman didn’t speak to me the rest of the flight. Once we landed, however…)

Woman: “Do you know where the baggage claim is?”

Me: *sweetly* “Sorry, ma’am, I don’t. This is my first time flying and as a little girl with no parents, I don’t know where I’m going! Maybe you should ask an adult who’s flown before!”

(She stormed off!)

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