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That Deescalated Quickly

, , , | Right | CREDIT: TylPlas26 | May 22, 2022

This customer has quite an attitude. He used to run his own business, and if other businesses he was buying from weren’t up to his standards, he’d think it was poor service.

This customer phones me one day wondering about getting a part for his BBQ. I contact the company who made the BBQ, get pricing, and tell him how much it would cost.

Customer: “Okay. Let me think it over. I’ll let you know if I want to order it.”

He ends the call, and I write down in my notes about everything that happened.

Maybe two weeks later, the phone rings and my coworker answers it. I hear him saying stuff like, “I’m not aware of any order,” and asking who he is dealing with. He then looks at me and hands me the phone.

Coworker: “It’s [Customer]; he wants to talk to you.”

I pick up the phone, and the customer goes off.

Customer: “I talked to you about that part. I’m extremely pissed that you didn’t follow through on my order! I’m incredibly unhappy with your service.”

He keeps ranting until I finally interrupt him.

Me: “Listen. The last time we spoke, you said you would let me know what you wanted to do. You didn’t tell me to order it or anything. That was the last I heard from you.”

He sputters for a moment.

Customer: “Oh… Well… Ummm…”

He is silent for a moment, and then in a much more meek voice, says:

Customer: “How long will it take you to get it in?”

Me: “[Timeframe].”

Customer: “Go ahead and order it.”

That was the end of it. Ever since then, whenever he comes in, he doesn’t give me any attitude. He has become much more bearable to deal with.

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