That Conversation Went Down Under

| Learning | May 1, 2017

(I am on the school bus. I happen to be sitting very close to the front of the bus so I can’t help overhearing.)

Student: [Bus Driver], are you Australian?

(I am used to people mixing up accents that sound very different to me but this is unusual because we have had the same bus driver for several months and he has a strong accent.)

Bus Driver: “No, I’m Irish. I’m certainly not Australian. Australia is where we sent our criminals! Be careful about calling us Australian because that’s kind of insulting.”

(He says it jokingly so I am not at all offended. I know I have a few convict ancestors but since their crimes were very minor I am happy to know about them. But I can’t resist speaking up.)

Me: “I’m Australian.”

(He was horrified and gave me a long apology.)

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