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That Conversation Took A Skydive

| Friendly | December 8, 2015

(I am a ballroom dancer and my partner and I are planning on going to Montreal to compete in about two weeks. We’re planning on spending the weekend in the city, which I’m really excited about. We’re in his car with some friends.)

Dance Partner: “We probably can’t practice tomorrow. I’m going skydiving.”

Friend: “You’re going skydiving! That’s SO COOL!”

Dance Partner: “Yeah, do you think it’s dangerous?”

Me: “Only a little; they’re professionals. But don’t go killing yourself before Montreal. After Montreal I don’t care, go kill yourself, but wait until after we get back.” *the car goes silent and I realize how this sounded* “Oh s***! That’s definitely not what I meant. DO NOT KILL YOURSELF, before or after Montreal, but especially not before Montreal. That was awful. Once again, DO NOT KILL YOURSELF!”