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That Cat Snake Just Noodled His Way Right In!

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I opened my back door one day, and something small and furry darted past my feet, causing my three cats to start yowling and running around like crazy. It moved too fast for me to see it properly and immediately took up residence behind my fridge. Given I’d been trapping stray kittens in my yard for the last few weeks, I assumed it was another little kitten. My bravest cat stuck her face behind the fridge and then ran off meowing with a scratch on her nose, further leading me to the kitten conclusion.

I wriggled my fridge forward as best I could. I could see a small ball of fluff back there, so I bravely reached in, grabbed it, and hauled it out.

It kept coming… and coming… and coming. It took my brain a second to process that instead of a stray kitten, I was now holding a very pretty sable ferret. The ferret, to its credit, seemed happy to be held and was making happy little squeaking noises and sniffing my hand.

I was standing in my kitchen, holding a ferret, absolutely dumbstruck about what my next move was when I heard someone knocking on my front door. 

I opened it a crack to find a very exasperated neighbor and his daughter, around seven.

Neighbor: “Hi. I’m so sorry, but my daughter’s ferret has gotten out and we think he might have gotten into your yard. Is it okay if we go back there to check?”

I opened the door further and held out the wriggling little tube-shaped rat who had clearly heard his family’s voices and was now making a bid for freedom.

Me: “I hope this is him. Otherwise, something super weird is happening.”

Daughter: *Absolutely filled with glee* “YOSHI!”

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