That Behavior Will Put Her Six Feet Under

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This happens to a coworker of mine in the last week of April this year, when all the lockdowns are making people crazy.

He’s a very tall black man, 6’7” and fairly broad, although his height makes him seem skinnier than he is. He is walking down one of our aisles, taking some merchandise to be stocked, when he notices a small woman ahead in the aisle seemingly imitating a football quarterback with her hunched posture, arms out wide, wildly darting, backward, back and forth down the aisle while staring at him.

After about half the length of the aisle, roughly fifty feet or so, she stops and yells at him:

Customer: “N***a, haven’t you heard of six feet?!”

She then turned and practically sprinted down the aisle in the opposite direction of him.

Not only was he more than ten feet from her when she started freaking out, but he wasn’t going to be stocking anywhere near her. Our employers are making us wear medical-grade face masks while at work, and if we refuse, we get sent home. The crazy thing is that she was so worried about social distancing, but she wasn’t wearing a mask or gloves while she dug through merchandise.

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