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That Behavior Is Point-less

| Learning | November 21, 2016

(My seventh-grade gym class is playing whiffle ball, a form of baseball. I am standing in line, waiting to bat, when a classmate known for being disruptive is tagged by the other team, but continues to run and cross home plate.)

Teacher: “[Student], you’re out!”

Student: “No, I’m not. I made it across home plate!”

Teacher: “But the other team tagged you.”

Student: “I don’t give a f*** about your stupid rules! I made it across home plate, and I got a point!”

(He then proceeds to pick up the rubber mat being used as home plate, and chucks it across the gym. My entire gym class is trying not to laugh.)

Student: “Now do I get a point?”

(Needless to say, the student got a detention, and I still have not stopped laughing.)

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