That Behavior Is A Real Head-Scratcher

| Friendly | April 4, 2017

(My family and I are American tourists in London, and what everyone says is true: They do take their lines very seriously. We’re in line for a tourist attraction, when my mom notices that the woman directly ahead of us has lice, so many that we can see them crawling in her hair. She holds my brother and me at least five feet back, and the people behind us are not happy.)

Person Behind Us #1: *bumping into us* “What the h*** is the matter with people?”

Person Behind Us #2: *shoving my brother forward* “F****** tourists.”

Person Behind Us #3: “Typical Americans.”

(Please note that regardless of the amount of space between us and lice-lady, there are still the exact same number of people between us and the front of the line. After about five minutes of this, my mom turns to face them.)

Mom: “Would you all like to go in front of us?”

(They all were very excited about that, and proceeded to stand very close to lice-lady the whole rest of the time in line. By the time we got to the front, they were already scratching their heads.)

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