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That Attitude Doesn’t Suit You

, , , , , | Working | July 20, 2021

I normally work behind the scenes, but somehow I’ve ended up spending a lot more time working with the sales guys. I hate it; it’s all so fake and pompous. Luckily, the sales guys are pretty down-to-earth and friendly, all bar one, [Sales Guy #1].

He believes all his own hype, he boasts about everything, he lies, and he betrays everyone for his own gain. I hate the guy.

I show up at a customer’s multi-million-pound headquarters. [Sales Guy #1] appears in his flashy car, wearing his Italian shoes, skinny suit, and ridiculous sunglasses. He walks over to me and sneers at my car.

Sales Guy #1: “You should really sort this car out. Get something a little less drab.”

Me: “Having two kids will allow for a lot of drab, [Sales Guy #1].”

Sales Guy #1: “You see, that was your mistake, wasn’t it? Wouldn’t let someone tie me down.”

Thankfully, the other guys arrive and we head inside.

Sales Guy #2: “Hey, nice suit, [My Name]!”

Me: “Thanks.”

Sales Guy #1: “Yeah, sure, nice.” *Scoffs*

Sales Guy #2: “Don’t listen to him. What is it?”

Me: “Err… Gucci.”

Sales Guy #1: “No, it’s not!”

He grabs my collar, checking that it is.

Sales Guy #1: “Hmm… Well, I suppose it’s okay.”

Me: “They fit great. You should get one, [Sales Guy #1]. Yours is a little drab.”

It was wonderful; he didn’t speak to me for days. Of course, I never told him that I bought the suit from a charity shop and had it tailored. I think he did actually go out and buy a new suit just to compete.