That Attitude Belongs In A Toilet

, | Friendly | November 15, 2015

(I frequent a certain fast-food establishment for lunch, mostly because it’s a two-minute walk from my job. One day I decide to go in during breakfast to grab some food before work.)

Rude Customer: *not trying to whisper at all* “Look, he went in his pants again!”

(I see another regular being handed a coffee. I know for a fact this regular is a homeless Vietnam vet who goes in for the cheap coffee and he does in fact have some bladder issues.)

Worker: “Here’s your food, ma’am, have a good day.”

(I leave and think nothing more until I’m loading my food into my bike. The homeless customer is outside now, minding his own business and drinking his coffee when the customer from before leans out the door.)

Rude Customer: “Why don’t you f*** off till you learn to use a toilet, bum!”

Vet: “F*** you, man!”

Rude Customer: “At least I’m toilet trained!”

(The rude customer goes back inside and I give the other man a sympathetic look as I have mad respect for veterans. Finally fed up, I go back inside.)

Me: “You know, he can get toilet trained, but you’ll always be an a**-hole!”

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