Thanksgiving Roundup 2019!

| Right | November 27, 2019

Dear American readers!

Tomorrow is the day we all gather in gluttony, festivity, and mass-turkey fights with politically-misaligned relatives. To prepare for the onslaught, here are some Thanksgiving-themed stories from the last year(or so!) that we thought you’d appreciate us resurfacing:

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine – When you have almost 200 years of combined laughs…

Thankful For Not Fudging Up Your Thanksgiving – When you run out of stock the day before Thanksgiving, this is not the response you’re expecting.

Man Who Encases His Privates In Lead Has The Last Laugh – It takes balls to laugh about this!

Not Talking Turkey This Thanksgiving – “The Turkey Pays, The Turkey Stays” will be one of our t-shirts!

You’re In Trouble, No Ifs Or Slapped Butts – How to top that uncle from coming to Thanksgiving!

They Aren’t The Brightest Star In The Sky – They should be thankful for ANY sun at this time of the year!


Best of luck this Thanksgiving season! Don’t forget to let us know how it goes!