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Thanks For Giving Celiacs A Bad Name

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(A mother and daughter are placing an order, and they let me know that the daughter has a gluten allergy. I let them know that this is no problem, and direct them to the gluten-free items on the menu.)

Daughter: “I’d like to order the chicken flatbread, with the tomatoes and flat bread on the side.”

Me: “The flat bread is the base of the item. What do you mean by ‘on the side’?”

Daughter: “I want everything on the side, separated.”

(I explain that the flat bread is not gluten-free, and that even if we did separate the items, we could not guarantee they would be gluten-free since it’s not on the gluten-free menu.)

Mother: “Are you serious? If you can’t provide my daughter something that is gluten-free, then you’re going to have a f****** lawsuit on your hands! There will be an ambulance here to take her away to the hospital if she doesn’t have something to eat! If you can’t do this, quite frankly, someone should lose their job. Now, get this girl some food.”

(Later, the daughter came to apologize for her mother’s behavior and told me that she didn’t have a gluten allergy at all.)

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