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Thanks For The Weight Of Your Unsolicited Comments

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My mom is getting married to my step-dad and I’m in the wedding. About two weeks before the wedding, my mom and I go to a tailor for the final fitting.

I put the dress on and show the tailor. She makes a few marks for where to adjust the dress but it doesn’t seem like a lot of work.

Tailor: “You gained weight.”

I am shocked by this because it seems like she is bringing the dress in more.

Tailor: “You need to eat rice and banana. You will lose weight. You gain too much weight and the dress won’t fit. Eat rice and banana only and the dress will be good.”

I just want to leave. I am heavy but I don’t need this stranger talking to me like this.

My mom handles payment, and as we are leaving, the tailor looks at me.

Tailor: “Rice and banana. Only. Nothing else. You will gain too much weight and not fit in the dress for your mom’s special day.”

I weighed myself when I got home. I’d gained no weight in over a month. I don’t know if she was trying to help, but it didn’t work.

The dress fit fine and I had an amazing time at the wedding.

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