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I am heading home from work after a hot day, and I decide to grab a cold drink for myself and my four-year-old. I order the two drinks, which come to about seven dollars, and I drive forward to pay. I tap my phone, get the green tick, and move forward.

Worker: “Hi. What did you order?” 

Me: “Oh, just two drinks: a kid’s milkshake and a frappe.”

Worker: “You didn’t pay; you’ll have to go around and pay.”

Me: “No, I did pay.”

Worker: “No, it declined.”

I pull up the payment on my phone and can see that it went through, so I show her. She talks again on her headset to the person taking the payments.

Worker: “I can take your phone and go and pay.”

Me: “How about you go and grab the receipt?”

Worker: “But you didn’t pay.”

Me: “If it declined, there will be a declined receipt.”

Off she goes, and she comes back a minute later.

Worker: “See, this says it declined.”

Me: “That’s for $19. Mine was $7.”

Worker: “Oh. What did you order?”

Me: “Just two drinks: a kid’s milkshake and a frappe.”

Worker: “Oh, sorry about that. Here you go.”

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