Thankfully, Love Is A Universal Language

| Romantic | November 29, 2011

(I’m lying around with my boyfriend-at-the-time. I’ve just told him that I had randomly woken up shirtless that morning. Note: my boyfriend is from Nepal, so I sometimes can’t understand his accent.)

Boyfriend: “Was there a bee in your room?”

Me: “What?”

Boyfriend: “Was there a bee in your room?”

Me: “A bee? Like a bumblebee?”

Boyfriend: “Yeah! They strip you!”

Me: *confused* “…What?”

Boyfriend: “You didn’t know that?!”

Me: “Where did you hear that?”

Boyfriend: “Jesus Christ!”

Me: *even more confused* “What?!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah! I interviewed him the other day! He told me I was sexy!”

Me: “Jesus did NOT tell you you were sexy!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah!”

Me: “A lightning bolt is going to come down and hit you! I’m gonna get hit, too, because I’m right here!”

Boyfriend: *puts his arm around me* “If lightning comes, I push you.”

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