Thank You, Next!

, , , | Right | January 14, 2021

I’m working in the concession stand, where we also sell movie tickets on days we don’t expect too many people. A married couple approaches and I stop what I’m doing to serve them. The woman doesn’t even look at me and the man is the only one who interacts with me, not even saying, “Hello.” Everything goes okay until I give him his change.

Customer: *Deadpan* “You should say, ‘Thank you,’ you know?”

Shocked, I don’t know what to respond because, one, he didn’t give me the time to say anything, two, he is the one who should say, “Thank you,” as I’m the one providing a service, and three, he isn’t anyone to try and give me a manners lesson. In about five seconds, I recover enough and I answer.

Me: “Very well. Next!”

The next customer approached and he left without a word.

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