Thank You For Your Buttocks

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(I have been dropping my friend off at her house after school for the past few days. She normally walks, but because of the hot weather, I offered to pick her up since it’s on the way. Today, in school, she comes up to me.)

Friend: “Hey, [My Name]?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Friend: “I just wanted to thank you for dropping me off everyday. Your mom, too. Thank you guys so much!”

Me: “It’s no problem, really! Don’t worry about it.”

(I am from Delhi, in North India, and speak fluent Hindi like the rest of my family. My friend is Korean.)

Friend: “Can you teach me some Hindi?”

Me: *slightly taken aback* “Um, sure. But why?”

Friend: “How do you say, ‘Thank you very much’?”

Me: *gets it* “Oh! It’s, ‘bahut shukriya’.”

Friend: “Bahut shukriya?”

Me: “Yeah!”

(Later during the day:)

Friend: “Wait, [My Name]!”

Me: “Mmhm?”

Friend: “What was it again? Hobo shukriya?”

Me: *laughs* “What? No! It’s, ‘bahut shukriya’.”

Friend: “Oh, right!”

(In the car:)

Friend: *getting out* “Oh, [My Name]’s mom! By the way, buttock shukriya!”

(My mom was extremely confused while my friend beamed proudly at her AMAZING Hindi. I drop off another friend — my neighbor — as well, and she speaks fluent Hindi, too. We both laughed until we wheezed as we explained the situation to my bewildered mother. Soon we were all laughing and my friend apologised. Hey, at least she tried!)

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