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Thank You For Shopping At Wrongway Mart

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(I work at a rest stop in Amsterdam, New York, which is about 180 miles north-west of New York City. We are on the westbound side of I-90. One night, two customers come into my shop to purchase some chips and soda.)

Me: *ringing out the purchase* “That will be [total]. Will there be anything else?”

Customer #1: “Yeah, how long ’til we get to New York City?”

Me: “You’re about three and a half hours away from New York City, but you’re heading the wrong way.”

Customer #1: “Huh? Whaddya mean?”

Me: “Well, New York City is southeast of here. To get there, you need to get on I-90 east, and then take I-87 south. Right now, you’re on I-90 headed west toward Utica and Buffalo.”

(Utica and Buffalo are about 240 and 396 miles away from NYC, respectively.)

Customer #2: “Yeah! that’s where we’re going! Utica, Buffalo, New York City! That area!”

Customer #1: *as the two leave* “NEW YORK! WHOO!”

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