Thank Goodness This Customer Wasn’t Feeling Waspish

, , , , , | Working | September 14, 2020

I’m working in the drive-thru for a popular fast food chain around noon. Wasps have been flying around the window and I’ve managed to keep them at bay, but they must be attracted to the kitchen smells and they aren’t backing down. One manages to get in and I watch it land on a table behind me.

A customer pulls up a few seconds after the wasp flies in, and I’m a little tense because wasps spook me a little. I finish taking the order and turn around to confront the wasp, not realizing I have left my headset on.

Me: “Time to deal with this f****** wasp—”

I notice the green light on my headset.

Me: “Oh, shoot! Forgot to turn my headset off! Sorry!”

The customer, an elderly lady, shows up at the window a few cars later. I open my mouth to apologize but she cuts me off.

Customer: “Don’t worry about it. Nobody likes bees in their workspace, dear. You should probably keep a better eye on that on switch though!”

I finish cashing her out; all the while a wasp is buzzing around the window.

Customer: “I can see why you were so mad about it now! Well, you have a nice day, miss.”

Me: “As long as these wasps stop ‘bugging’ me, I will!”

Eventually, the wasps left, but I had to endure another two hours of the little terrors, which was no fun.

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