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Thank God She Said, “Ex”

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Swamp_Donkey_796 | July 17, 2021

A few nights ago, a guy came into our hotel to check in under his wife’s name.

Me: “Since your name is not attached to the reservation, you cannot check in.”

He freaked out.

Guest: “This is ridiculous! We’ve never experienced such disgusting customer service in our lives. I’m going to get in contact with corporate and have you fired!”

We’re a franchise, so I’m sure you can all see how well that would go.

Me: “You’ll either have to wait until your wife gets here or have her call me and verify her information so I can check you in.”

Guest: “I’ll go call her.” *Huffs off*

About an hour later the police come in asking about a domestic disturbance.

Me: “I have no idea what that’s about. It’s been a very quiet night; not much has happened here.”

Police Officer: “We got a call from [Guest] saying that you were smoking marijuana and that you were violent when he tried to check in.”

Me: “He tried to check into a reservation that he was not a part of, and I wouldn’t let him without his wife’s permission.”

They take my statement and leave.

The wife shows up before I run audit, around 1:30, and I tell her what happened. She cuts me off.

Wife: “[Guest] is my ex. He’s been stalking me across the country. He has a history of violence against me and I am in the process of getting a restraining order against him. If you see him again, immediately have him charged with trespassing and get him thrown out.”

Me: “I understand. No one will know that you’re even here, and I’d like to offer you a free upgrade for your trouble.”

I didn’t see the husband again, but I did warn the manager about him and the whole situation. We have him on our do-not-rent list for all the properties in the area.

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