Testing The Teacher

| Learning | January 14, 2014

(Math has always been a strong subject for me. I’m in an advanced class, but even so generally finish my work quite quickly. This bothers my teacher greatly. My tests tend to get a lot of questionable deductions for the format of my work, even though I get the correct answer. This is usually followed by a lecture on how I need to take my time. I decide to do an experiment on the next test. After I finish, I sit there and stare at the wall until time is up before handing it in.)

Teacher: “Finally you have learned to take your time on these. They can be quite difficult.”

Me: “Well, guess we’ll find out after you grade it.”

Teacher: “Oh, no need. You always get the questions right and you took your time, so I don’t need to take any off for rushing through and turning it in early.”

(Sure enough, in that test I didn’t get any points off for formatting!)

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