A Testing Set Of Interviews

, , , , | Working | May 24, 2018

(I’m applying for a job at a temp agency, and I overhear this conversation between the clerk and one of their employees. The employee just finished a temp job and is looking for more work.)

Clerk: “We just need you to take a drug test before we can send you on another job.”

Employee: “I’m not taking a drug test.”

Clerk: “Refusal to take a test qualifies as a failed test.”

Employee: “Okay, so, when am I going on my next job?”

Clerk: “You’re not. You failed a drug test. You can come in in 30 days to take another one.”

Employee: “I didn’t fail a drug test!”

Clerk: “You refused the test.”

Employee: “So?! I didn’t fail.”

Clerk: “So you think that people can just refuse a test, and that’s the same as passing it?”

Employee: “Yes! I didn’t fail any test.”

Clerk: “It doesn’t work that way. You will not be sent out for any more work until you pass a drug test.”

Employee: “Okay, fine! I’ll take the test.”

Clerk: “Okay, but have you taken any drugs?”

Employee: “I smoke marijuana, but if you’re going to say that I failed, I might as well take the test!”

(He goes to the back to take his test. I walk up to the counter a few minutes later with my application, still laughing a little bit about what I just witnessed.)

Clerk: “Okay, now we just need you to take a drug test.”

Me: “I’m not taking a drug test! When do I start?”

(She gives me a death glare.)

Me: “I’m joking.”

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