Terrorizing Your Callers

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Me: “Hello, thank you for calling [Company]. My name is [My Name]. Can I have the spelling of your first and last name?”

Caller: *begins yelling in a strong accent and never lowers his voice* “I’m only going to give you this once, so open your ears and don’t mess up.”

Me: “Okay.”

Caller: “Don’t interrupt me.” *gives name*

Me: “And your call back number in the event we get disconnected.”

Caller: “No.”

Me: “Your zip code and county.”

Caller: “Why do you need this; you have my case in front of you.”

Me: “No, I’m looking at a blank screen. I need to verify your information to pull up your case.”

Caller: *gives zip, county, and date of birth*

Me: “May I have your SSN?”

Caller: “I’m only saying this once, understand?” *gives it in one breath, way too quick to enter*

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that was much too fast for me; if you want assistance, I need you to repeat that slowly and clearly.”

Caller: “I never asked for a SSN when I came here; why should I have to provide it? You people forced me to get this SSN; I don’t even want it. That’s the problem with America: you people with the government are the devil. I’m not giving you my social again.”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “Sir, I could have already had your case up and be helping you. Please repeat the social, slowly.”

(I get the case up, and advise the consumer that he needs to submit a copy of his social security card or naturalization certificate to verify his immigration status. This leads to the client yelling at me as to how he hates the United States, our government, our blonde girls with blue eyes, and the health insurance company, how he never needed to apply for insurance in Iran, how our military is awful, etc. I’m bored, and I already had a bad call before this one. After ten minutes of not talking and listening to his yelling, I decide I’m just going to remain on the line and let him yell, with my headset on the table. I check back to hear him still yelling every few minutes. He doesn’t curse or use any threatening language, so I can’t just disconnect. After a while, he mentions that he is Muslim, and that the only reason we need documentation is because our government classifies anyone who practices the religion as a terrorist.)

Me: “Sir, Assalamualaikum.” *”peace be unto you” in Arabic* “I’m Muslim.” *a lie to settle him down*

Caller: *stops yelling* “Mualaikumsalam.” *”peace be also with/upon you”*

Me: “Okay. Just to let you know, you’re speaking with a call-center employee. I’m not a government official. I understand how it is overseas; I apologize that you are not happy, but in order for the insurance to be active, you must submit documents.”

Caller: “How are you working for this company? They do not hire people like us.”

Me: “Religion and race have nothing to do with it, sir. Nowhere on my application did I need to say I’m Muslim. Our call center is very diverse, and I work with people of every culture and ethnicity. I sit next to a Polish man, Jamaican woman, Arab, etc. They don’t discriminate here.”

(The caller attempted to keep complaining about our government. He mentioned that he is not a terrorist, and that after one of his calls last week, someone called him a terrorist and disconnected the call. This is extremely unprofessional, and something we are NOT allowed to do. I asked to place him on a hold so I could verify this and check the notes. I found out that day that I work with a lot of racists. There were 20 notes from employees. Three put, “client is irate, disconnected the call due to inappropriate language.” The other 17 stated that the client was a terrorist, needed mental help, was a threat to the USA, and “is un-American, and if he continues to disrespect our great country, I would disconnect call.” The last rep he spoke with stated that he needed to be investigated by the FBI immediately. They also took the client’s address, and called the FBI on him and reported him as a terrorist. The client had his door knocked in by SWAT. After checking back with the costumer, I advised him that I didn’t think he was a terrorist. I told him what to do to get insurance active, and told him I had a few complaints to put through against the previous representatives he’d spoken to. He thanked me, apologized for yelling, and disconnected.)

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